March 03, 2021

What Makes a Luxury Townhouse a ''Forever" Home

Major changes in your life and family can always happen, and it’s daunting to move into a new home every after a few years. That’s why finding a “forever home” is crucial so you can enjoy the best years of your life without any more distractions.

Usually, when finding a “forever home,” one would immediately think of a single-detached house because of the huge space it offers. Space is important, especially if you foresee your family growing or some of your relatives will be moving in with you. However, you should know that single-detached homes aren’t the only ones that offer ample living space. Modern, luxury townhomes, like Malambing Townhouses in Quezon City, are also a favorable option. Many people are now seeing these units as their “forever home,” and here are the top reasons why:

It’s Comfortably Spacious

Malambing Townhouses disprove the common notion that a townhome can be too small for a growing family. The units in this development have generous floor area sizes, ranging from 175 to 250 square meters. Each of them has at least four bedrooms and four bathrooms. They run three stories high, with luxe home features like the maid’s room, car garage, and a terrace. Such huge houses allow you to create “zones” out of spaces. You can have a balanced home by creating work and leisure zones and a space for everything, from storage to family entertainment. 

It’s in Proximity to the Essentials and More 

Another great feature of a modern city townhouse is its location. Malambing Townhouses in Quezon City, for example, is a development that’s close to first-rate educational institutions such as Ateneo de Manila University and UP Diliman. The development is also minutes away from the bustling Maginhawa district, where food shops and unique retail stores are aplenty. Having a home in this kind of location allows you to support the family’s needs in every stage of life.

It’s High-Quality but Low-Maintenance

It’s no secret that luxury townhomes are built using high-grade materials and elegant finishing. Functional and stylish, these houses are perfect for those who want to live in style but dislike the extra work of maintaining a huge outdoor space. Unlike single-detached houses, these luxury townhomes don’t come with a vast front yard or back yard. Some townhouse communities may have units with a small yard and also outdoor amenities. In this case, you’ll be responsible for the small front or back yard, but the amenities or common areas will be maintained by the homeowners association.

It’s Flexible

Living in a sizable luxury townhome can help you prepare for any changes that your family might go through. Need to work from home? You can set up a home office if you have a spare bedroom in your future house. Some parts of the huge living room can be turned into a play area for the kids or grandkids. You can also transform an empty bedroom into a study room or an enclosed living space into a guest room.

There’s so much you can do and achieve when you choose to live in a luxury townhome. Its size alone can guarantee comfort no matter what life phase you’re in. It’s well-located, low-maintenance, and flexible, having all the features of a dream “forever” home.


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