March 03, 2021

First-Time Homebuyer? Why Consider Buying a Townhouse

Congratulations on taking the step to purchase your own home! As a first-time homebuyer, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of housing options, especially if you plan to live in a highly progressive area like Quezon City. There are subdivisions with single-family houses, themed condominiums with luxe amenities, and of course, modern townhouse developments. 

Perhaps you think that a sizable single-detached house is too overwhelming. Meanwhile, a condo unit may have limited space for your preferred lifestyle. In that case, why don’t you consider buying a townhouse unit? In essence, it can offer the privacy of a single-family home at a fraction of a price. If you’re still skeptical about purchasing a townhouse, here are other concrete reasons why this house type is ideal for first-time buyers. 

Less Upkeep

Like condominiums, townhouses are appealing because there’s lesser maintenance work to do. If you dislike the extra work of maintaining a huge front or back yard, a townhouse proves to be a good choice. Some townhouse communities have an association that helps maintain the landscaping and amenities (if available), while others may also cover emergency building repairs and pest control, among other things.  

Desirable Location 

Townhouse developments in Quezon City are a favorable choice if you lead a mobile lifestyle. Essentially, you want to live close to work and other key establishments. Malambing Townhouses in Diliman, Quezon City is an excellent example of a townhouse development with an exceptional location. Offices, universities, and entertainment scenes are within easy reach from the development, allowing you to live a well-balanced life. As a transit-oriented residential community, Malambing Townhouses is also near major road networks like EDSA Avenue and C5 Road, which lead to the rest of Metro Manila.

It Can Be Luxurious Too 

Despite offering less privacy, townhouses can still have the “luxe factor” that single-family homes carry so well. Judging by the size of units at Malambing Townhouses, they can offer the luxury of ample space for relaxation. Each townhouse unit here is three floors high, with four bedrooms and bathrooms. These elegantly-finished units also have a maid’s room and a two-car garage — ideal for upwardly-mobile or well-off executives and their families.

Sense of Community 

At first, the shared walls of townhomes could be off-putting for those who value a high level of privacy. But when thinking about safety, these shared walls are actually beneficial. Residents can easily socialize, fostering a close-knit neighborhood. Also, with your neighbors nearby, you can feel at ease knowing that there’s someone to help you during emergencies or look after your home when you go on a vacation.

Price Appreciation 

When buying your first house, make it a goal to get a property that can offer great returns. Townhouses in Quezon City, for example, can increase in prices when resold after a couple of years. Different factors affect price appreciation, but a highly accessible location secures it. If the home has been upgraded or well-maintained, it can also help boost the property’s value. As such, price appreciation is something to think about when planning to move to a new neighborhood or a bigger house.

Townhouses are undoubtedly a great buy, especially when located in the ever-so thriving Quezon City. Besides accessibility, you’ll be rewarded with a modern, comfy, and safe home that can rise in value over time.


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