March 03, 2021

4 Things to Consider When Townhouse Hunting in Quezon City

Lower prices, accessibility, and less maintenance work are among the top reasons why Filipinos gravitate towards buying a townhouse. This type of house may not offer the same privacy level as a single-detached home, but it comes in multiple stories, which means ample space - just like what you can get in a standalone house.

If you’re looking at modern, stylish townhouse developments in Quezon City, such as Malambing Townhouses, features like a car garage and a maid’s room are highly notable. They remove the notion that townhouses are for bargain buyers only. Depending on the exterior, housing features, and size, your future townhouse unit can compete with the coziest single-family homes in the area. 

In Quezon City, townhouse developments are in great numbers and demand. To ensure you won’t lose sight of what you really want, here are four things to consider when buying a townhouse in the city.

The Neighborhood

Townhouses are a common sight in many areas of Quezon City, and these areas are known for being highly progressive. Finding a property near or within the city center is ideal if you love dynamism and vibrancy. Here, virtually any establishment is at an arm’s reach, from offices to nightlife establishments.

However, if you’re someone who enjoys a laid-back environment but still places great importance on accessibility, consider living in peaceful residential communities like UP Village. Within this village, you’ll find Malambing Townhouses, located near schools and commercial areas. It’s also a few minutes away from the hip neighborhood of Maginhwa, where must-visit restaurants and chic shops abound. 


Buying a townhouse means you get to own the interior, exterior, and the land where the unit sits. While there’s no question that you can customize your interior, can you do the same for the townhouse’s exterior? The answer varies.

A townhouse typically adheres to a uniform look, but some townhouse associations allow residents to make exterior updates or minor improvements. If you’re big on personalization, you may want to ask for guidelines on renovations during the initial stage of your property hunting.

Deluxe Features

A two-car garage and a maid’s room are among the luxe features you’ll find in Malambing Townhouses and other similar developments in Quezon City. Add to that the units’ high-grade building materials and finishings, and you’ll be looking at investment-worthy properties.

In metro areas like Quezon City, it’s not unusual to find townhouses built as luxury homes. Besides the lavish features, they offer larger floor space to emulate the feel of a single-detached house.

Your Future Plans

For this part, you simply need to ask yourself some future-focused questions. Do you intend to live in the city for good? Do you have plans to start or grow a family? Answering yes to both questions justifies that a townhouse in Quezon City is for you.  

A three-story unit at Malambing Townhouses is among the best options for those who want to put down roots in the city. Besides the vast living space suitable for growing families, this townhouse offers accessibility that is hard to match. It’s a few minutes away from first-rate schools, business areas, and leisure centers, allowing every family member to thrive in a fast-paced city.

Quezon City has so much to offer when it comes to contemporary townhouses; consider all the points above to find your way to the right home. Happy townhouse hunting!

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