March 03, 2021

Why Investing in a Townhouse is a Wise Money Move for Young Adults

Adulthood is more than just having a full-time job and paying the bill, all while pursuing your passions on the side. This is also the time when you consider having a space of your own, a place where you can put all your adulting skills to practice and perhaps build a family. One of the ultimate grown-up needs is a home.

If you’re already planning to buy a house and lot, a townhouse is one of the options worth checking out. This multi-floored property is considered a single-family house despite having a wall that’s shared with another unit. It offers living space, yard space, and sometimes, a garage too, at a lower price. Beyond its price tag, here are other reasons a townhouse is a smart investment option for young adults. 

Settle Down in Your Own Private Space

Living independently is impossible when you don’t have a “home away from home.” While renting an apartment is an option, rental costs can only add to your list of financial responsibilities. Buying a condominium unit may have also crossed your mind, which is ideal for a modern type of living. But if aiming for more privacy, nothing beats a house and lot. 

Malambing Townhouses by Zobelle 88 Construction & Development Corp. is an excellent example of a private residential space. It’s located in a secure, laid-back village, making it a nice place to go home to after a busy day at work. 

Build Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investment

Clearing debts and saving money are a great start to achieve financial security. But you can do more and increase your net worth by investing in a house. Aside from providing a shelter, this piece of real estate allows you to get impressive returns. Typically, it goes two ways: you can rent out a spare room to get a passive income, or you can profit from the house’s increasing price when you sell it at a later time.

Be Ready for Raising a Family

Townhouse units, like those you’ll find at Malambing Townhouses, are spacious enough to accommodate a growing family. They can fit up to five bedrooms, with sizeable living, dining, and kitchen areas, so you’ll have ample space for relaxation. You can also turn unused rooms into other functional areas such as a family room, home office, or playroom.

Enjoy Modern Conveniences for a Lot Less Money

Townhouses are famed for being reasonably-priced when compared to duplex units or single-attached and detached houses. But then again, townhouse units are nothing short of high-quality.

Malambing Townhouses, for instance, is located in the thriving Quezon City, giving future residents access to almost all types of establishments. To date, Quezon City emerges as one of the popular locations for real estate properties, and part of the reason is its convenient location. From hospitals, schools to lifestyle centers, all the basics and more are just a stone’s throw away from Malambing Townhouses.

Units at Malambing Townhouses are also praised for their contemporary architecture, showcasing that simple is sophisticated. Despite their reasonable prices, townhomes can offer the luxury of generous space and elegant finishes so you can have a home that’s both practical and high-class.

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