March 03, 2021

Why Quezon City is the Home Away from Home of Expats

The Philippines’ pristine sand beaches, welcoming locals, and unique culture attract more and more expatriates by the day. While some of them get assigned to the country for business or work, several non-Filipino retirees willingly choose the country as a permanent residence.

Besides the Philippines’ calming suburbs, vibrant and buzzing areas like Quezon City crop up as an ideal home for expatriates. The entire Metro Manila is an expat-friendly area, where first-rate facilities and varied establishments are located. Quezon City, however, shines the most because of the following reasons.

Countless Growth Opportunities

For some expats, the vibrancy of Quezon City is energizing. The city is full of life brought on by bustling business and commercial establishments. These developments inspire expats to set up a business in the area, which could gain high visibility and profits due to the city’s heavy foot traffic. 

Expats assigned to work in Metro Manila also consider Quezon City as their home because of its accessibility. Getting to and from other metro areas is relatively easy because of the improving transport infrastructure.

A Well Connected City 

Up-and-coming MRT Line 7, Metro Manila Subway, and Skyway Stage 3 significantly increase the accessibility level of Quezon City. The Skyway project aims to bring travelers from Makati City to Quezon City in 15 minutes or less. Meanwhile, some railway stations are meant to connect passengers to retail and commercial centers — a sight of mobility at its peak.

Major infrastructure improvements, coupled with the growing number of developments, make Quezon City an ideal destination for property seekers and investors. And in terms of residential properties, the city is a sight to behold.

A Hub of Modern Residential Developments

Quezon City is filled with towering skyscrapers and posh subdivisions, complementing the contemporary business and commercial centers within the vicinity. Condominiums are becoming a pretty common sight in Quezon City since buying a condo unit is, perhaps, the easiest way for expats to own a home in the Philippines. These vertical developments are located in the most accessible areas and often inside a mega township where business, leisure, and educational facilities are also available.

Deluxe Living at Luxury Townhomes

On the other hand, townhomes located in a peace-loving neighborhood never go out of style, particularly those luxury ones like Malambing Townhouses. Single-family homes like these offer a generous living space for expats with families. Provided that the Filipino spouse will be the property’s primary owner, a foreigner can buy a deluxe house and lot in Quezon City.

Malambing Townhouses is a prime choice because of its proximity to almost everything, from schools, offices to lifestyle centers. At the same time, this development gives off a tranquil vibe since it’s located in the relatively quiet neighborhood of UP Village. Each three-story unit at Malambing Townhouses abounds with comfort, complete with sizable bedrooms, a two-car garage, and an ergonomically-designed kitchen.

The units’ stylish design adds an elegant touch to the overall residential experience. Complete with a gated entrance and secure perimeter walls, the whole family can feel at ease while living at Malambing Townhouses.

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